Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crtique Groups

I am really starting to hate them. A lot of published authors I follow go on and on about how they couldn't have done it without them. I have no doubt they are useful, it is always useful to have someone else read your story, particuluarly a writer - but what if you can't find one.

I have been searching for one for about a year. I talked to people in the writing associations I belong to, not interested or already have one. I went to a conference specifically looking for one, everyone pushed me off. I even went on-line to a few websites that were recommended to me to find one. I left messages for other people. No response.

I am starting to think if I wait around for a critique group- I will never send out my manuscript. I am toying with the option of paying a local company to do a content edit-exactly what a critque partner would do (only free). I am just tired of waiting, but I guess I should get my mind right. Writing is nothing, if not a waiting game.

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