Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

Ever since I started studying writing I have lost my passion for reading. It is just so confusing trying not to critique a book the entire time I am reading it. And it isn't like I am some amazing writer, it just somehow affected the way I read. I hate it.

That being said, I have been reading a book that I seriously can't put down. I was up until midnight, way late for me, reading it. I love the story- it has such believable inherent conflict.

And the characters, I'm telling you, every last one of them feels like a friend. I want to spend more time with them, I'm dreading the book being over, but can't stop reading it.

My one complaint, as usual, it could use just a tiny bit more romance. It is there, and it is good, but it has sentences like "He kissed me." I'm like, and.... How was it? Tell me more!!!!

Anyway, I am definitely recommending the book Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen. I'm also thrilled to learn she has published eight books and hope they are just as good.

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