Monday, February 27, 2012

Synopsis can be boring.

I read a tweet today that synopsis can and should be dry. I almost jumped for joy, hoping this person truly knows what they are talking about. Cuz the problem is, I have been stuck on my synopsis for my book for about 3 months.

I mean putting my entire novel into as little words as possible while still covering the story is daunting. I took a class that suggests you write it before you begin writing the book, so I did. I read it recently and let me just say, it was terrible. Not just a little either.

Luckily, I recently went to a writing conference where someone made a small comment about them. (Note-to-self: someday do a class on how to write synopsis because there isn't enough info. about them.) The comment was how your synopsis should have your main character's arc. It was like light went on inside my head, and I was like duh! Why didn't I think of that?

Since then it has been so much easier. But I still am reading it and thinking, this is not as good as my book. How will I get an agent with this? Now I am hoping that the agents realize this is a quick draft of my book, just to let them know: yes she can write a story. I want to see more.

Now I have to get my nerve up and start sending it out. Ugh!

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