Monday, April 16, 2012

Being a Mom

I didn't want this blog to be a mommy blog, but I find myself wondering if it so important to stay away from them. For one thing, not many read this, and for another, I don't feel like it will be successful if I don't write about things I want to write about. And today I want to write about being a stay at home mom.

I was a latch key kid, and it was very traumatic for me. I hated coming home to an empty house and being alone all summer long. I judged my mom for not staying home-swore I would never work while my kids are young.

For the most part, this has been a good decision. I liked being home when they get home, being a part of their school lives as well. But I find myself wondering again, what now? I am almost 35 years old and have nothing (on a personal level) to show for it. I mean, I work at a daycare making peanuts and watching other peoples kids. Not exactly what I pictured when I looked into my future.

I understand why my mom went back to work. First of all the money would be very nice, but beyond that, she needed to define herself outside of the roll of mom. Sure I have hobbies and other interests, but really- mom is all I really know.

I guess I will continue to ponder it and hopefully find the solution. If there is one.

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