Monday, April 2, 2012

Hunger Games : The Movie Was Better

I cringe when I say this because the movie is never better, but I really thought it was this time.

The main reason was because, for me, the book was written in the wrong point of view. I couldn't get a good read on Katnis, and consequently didn't really like her, from her own point of view. Not to mention the fact that it took all of the surprise out, (Um, I think she wins). I think it would have been better if an outsider was telling about her so we could see how everyone sees her, and not how she sees herself.

The other reason was because I found it very revealing to see what the capital, and Hemich, were doing during the games. I understood everything so much better seeing it from their perspective.

The odd thing is, I write from first person. It's makes me wonder if I should, but I can't seem to help myself. Not only is it almost all I read, but it is also very popular in the YA genre, and I just like it. Makes me wonder if I should change my mind. (That is on my next book, of course).

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