Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rent Contraband

We have Netflix.  We take turns choosing movies every other week, and last weekend it was my husbands turn.  His pick was Mark Wahlberg's Contraband.  I have to admit I wasn't exactly thrilled with the choice, but it wasn't my turn so I just went along with it. 

I have to say I was completely taken off guard by how good it was.  The story line was well thought out.  The first plot point of the reason Chris (Mark Wahlberg) has to get back into the old business of smuggling because his wives brother was in trouble, arrived exactly on time.  It was perfect because it was a valid reason and made the plot nice and thick. 

The acting was good, though I felt like Kate Beckinsale was a little mis-cast as the kind of lower class wife.  Though she did a good job, they didn't really have good chemistry and I just didn't buy her in the part. 

My only other complaint was Chris Farraday's (Wahlber) character arch was over before the movie started.  He was pretty much the same guy at the end as he was at the first, but due to time, it kind of worked. 

Overall, it was an entertaining way to spend a Saturday night and I give it 3 and a half out of four stars. 

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