Monday, March 12, 2012

Grocery Shopping Rant

An exercise in writing about how much I loathe grocery shopping.

I try to avoid grocery shopping as much as possible, but to my great dismay, it is somehwat unavoidable. I mean, you gotta eat right?

I hate walking through those doors with the high ceilings and the artificial lights. I hate trying to find a cart that doesn't pull too far in one direction or the other. I hate when someone is standing in front of what you want just staring at it as though it is will magically change. I hate searching for items on my list that are in the completely wrong place-like how canned mushrooms are by the spaghetti instead of the canned vegetables.

The thing I hate most about it, the money I spend. It is so much more than anyone I know, and I can't figure out why. I do all the ad shopping, have tried coupon clipping, and even went as far as price matching. (A somewhat humble experience). And still I end up spending far more than I think I should. It just ticks me off every time. Spending so much money on stuff that in two weeks will be literally, waste.

The other thing that irritates me is the time I spend. I usually go to two stores because I don't buy my meat at the same place I buy everything else so it ends up taking me almost 3 hours. There are a million other things I want to be spending my time on.

If I could, I would pay someone to do it for me. Too bad I can't afford it.

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